Individual Therapy for Adults and Adolescents

I provide one-to-one counselling for adults, and adolescents aged over 13, who are experiencing emotional or mental health issues. Written consent must be provided by a parent or a legal guardian before therapy with an adolescent can commence. All adolescents must be accompanied to therapy sessions by a parent or legal guardian. 

Student Therapy

I provide one-to-one counselling for counsellors-in-training who are required to participate in personal therapy as part of their counselling training.

Group Therapy

A group therapy experience can facilitate people to work collectively and learn new ways of coping with problems. Upon request, I am available to provide therapy for groups. 

Talks, Workshops and Training Programmes

I also deliver talks to groups, organisations, companies, schools and youth services on topics related to mental health and emotional well-being. In addition, I design and deliver workshops and training days for healthcare professionals on topics related to self-harm, suicide prevention and practitioner self-care.